Living Out Of Darkness
A personal journey of embracing bipolar      by George Denslow


"Amazing...saved my life. Thank you for helping me realize my gift!" - Kate W. (Posted on iTunes.)

'Keeper of Hope' - By Layla H., M.A.
"When I first met George Denslow, he was traveling back and forth between Alaska and Maui - part time here, part time there - and I so I have always thought of him as one who is able to move back and forth between extremely different climates. In Living Out of Darkness: A personal journey of embracing the bipolar opportunity, George's ability, earned through a lifetime of conscious unmedicated spiritual engagement with his bipolar experience, to navigate the extremes of our inner human terrain shines forth like a beacon in the dark of the underworld maze of psychological suffering. As he tells us at the beginning of the book, he is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist; this is not a clinical dissertation on how to treat bipolar. It is a true, practical, written on the ground, map of what he has discovered living the terrain himself, and so is infinitely more valuable, in my opinion, than any clinical discussion from someone who has only studied the phenomenon second hand could ever be. (...Read the full review on"

"Authentic, gentle , and hardhitting all at the same time." - Evonne W. (Posted on

"Living Out of Darkness offers words of wisdom and practical solutions...a quick and frequently enjoyable read." - Kirkus