Living Out Of Darkness
A personal journey of embracing bipolar      by George Denslow

"Bipolar, a life enhancement opportunity."

"Clear your energy. Honor your rhythm. Live your vision."

"Silence is the beginning and end of all truth"

"Let stillness lead you to your passion"

"Is it the end or is your emptiness clearing the way for truth"

"A moment of compassion, strangers or not, seems to lift me faster then anything else, regardless if I am the giver or the receiver, in that moment we are both."

"If you are now officially convinced I'm crazy, that's ok. The more I acknowledge my internal experience for what it currently is, the less crazy I feel."

"I may have access to all the knowledge and the latest healing modalities available, but do I have access to the wisdom inherent in me and my soul exactly as I am?"

"Wisdom-timing-if the wisdom train stops at my station will I be present to receive the gifts, or busy looking at the schedule for all trains of thought coming next?"

⎯George Denslow