Living Out Of Darkness
A personal journey of embracing bipolar      by George Denslow
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At 17 standing outside of the mental institute, waiting for a taxi to take me home, my hands were empty, and my head was full of my recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, manic depressive. I climbed into the taxi that day with only my determination and hope to find a third way beyond the 'options' of being put on meds, or being in custody.


This is a book for those who, like me, facing a bipolar diagnosis, find themselves reaching for the hope of a different way. The release of Living Out of Darkness as an e-book App for iPhone,TM is the culmination of a dream for me: Today, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, anyone who is bipolar, and has an iPhone — whether stepping out of that first unsettling diagnosis, or having struggled with bipolar for years — need never stand empty-handed again.


Living Out Of Darkness is a journey to spiritually engage with bipolar as a gift to be discovered and lived.


Living Out of Darkness is a story of the discovery of positive metaphysics, the application of baby steps towards discovering the good, and focusing on the gifts of being bipolar. 


Living Out of Darkness is also a guidebook for holistic bipolar living — the gems of what has helped me most in affecting my body, my mind, and my spirit. I give the reader a guided tour of up, down, and back to "normal" (that "middle" or "calm" state which, while it may seem elusive - or even utterly inaccessible — I have found can be prolonged with the conscious application of holistic practices.) The book wraps up with a refreshing take on how bipolar is an opportunity: for those of us who are bipolar, and also for those whose lives we touch, and for the world at large. This bipolar-positive viewpoint will help you re-frame your bipolar experience in a way that helps you connect with and claim your natural gifts.


If your interest has been piqued, I invite you to join me on this journey. If you would like a little (or a lot) more info, please explore the rest of Here you'll find more information about myself, the book, the Living Out of Darkness Blog (which allows you to continue to follow my journey day-to-day as I apply the techniques and principles in the book, and share new ones as I discover them). 


Thank you for your journey, and thank you for your time,

George Desnlow

Author of Living Out of Darkness: a personal journey of embracing the bipolar opportunity




I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist; what I have developed may or may not work for you and any suggestions I have come up with need to by reviewed by your professional help before undertaking.  Your safety, stability, and functionality are absolutely most important.  I still offer prayers of thanks to the counselors, caregivers, and professionals that protected me, and helped me focus on what I needed to do, to be alive, to live, and to prosper.



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