Living Out Of Darkness
A personal journey of embracing bipolar      by George Denslow

George Denslow

Author of Living Out of Darkness: A personal journey of embracing the bipolar opportunity


Short Answer:  Born and brewed in Alaska.  Diagnosed with bipolar at 17.  Discovered metaphysics while attending college, deliciously devouring life ever since.


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When I was seventeen I had the opportunity to be locked up in a mental institution against my will for being actively suicidal and refusing treatment. I was diagnosed with being bi-polar, manic depressant. They wanted to put me on lithium, they never did. My family doctor and father agreed that I was heavily into how the mind affected the body, and decided not to force the issue of medications. I was released five weeks later on my own recognizance to begin my life's journey as an adult. I had one purpose in life, not to lose my freedom again, ever. I believed that God doesn't make junk, and that I was created this way for a reason. My mission in life became to find a way to live without medications. By hook or by crook and at times sheer guts I've discovered a way and a why. This book is the result of 20 years actively developing and living a holistic spiritual approach to thriving with Bi Polar, using my body and my life as a guinea pig. 



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